I don't understand that stupid two map system.
The left map is the main/static one - it shows all the markers at all times and if you don't fiddle with it or refresh the page, it stays like it is. The right map is contextual/dynamic - it shows only the currently displayed scenes and frantically zooms to corresponding locations as you click on various stuff. It's great fun.
Are you consulting with the people from the porn industry?
No. Everything is a result of thorough investigative work.
The scene takes place indoors, no amount of investigative work can give you a clue where it is.
The place was probably featured in another scene that provides some additional hints about the location (e.g. the room in scene 66 is the same as the one in scene 61, in which the distinct next-door house is visible from the window). Besides that, the videos on Pornhub and similar servers are usually trimmed down and may lack important details, the scene introduction etc.
The scene takes place at many different locations but only some of them are shown on the map. Why?
The most likely reason is that they were just passing those missing locations without doing anything notable, like, you know, having sex.
What kinds of scenes are skipped?
Scenes of the "Naked girl roams the streets of Prague" flavour because of their insubstantive encyclopedic notability and the fact that they would clog the map with a flurry of pointless markers. Scenes taking place in a moving car because they can't be put into the map in a meaningful way. And the scenes that are painful to watch.
Is there any logic as to where the camera in Panorama/Streetview is pointed?
I generally try to capture a view that makes sense in combination with the screenshots. Sometimes it's the place itself. Sometimes it's a scenic view in the background. Sometimes it's a nearby building that's clearly visible in the scene. Sometimes a graffiti that's briefly visible in one camera pan. And sometimes it's a next-door house that's visible from the window or an interior of a restaurant from which the guests were able to establish eye contact with porn actors getting at it.
Why do I need to open Streetview in a new window? I'm disappointed.
Terms of service of both Google and Seznam prevent me from embedding two different map services in a same page.
I'm not happy that my classy apartment hotel is haunted by a wrinkled penis of a decrepit old man.
There are arguably much worse things than that. Like having to do half of the website in JavaScript.
I was expecting to see more sex and nudity around here.
After much deliberation, I decided to avoid explicit content to bring the massive encyclopedic value of this website to the broadest possible audience and make it suitable for use in classes.
We just had a student uprising about the length of the links. Can we have a shorter ones?
Yes, use the link shortener under the search menu. It doesn't do anything on this particular page though.
One of the students disabled adBlock by mistake and after finding out that there are no ads of this website, she organized a humanitarian concert in the school auditorium. Where can we send the proceeds?
Thank you, young heroine.

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